Joe Sunrise

Husband, Father, Beatmaker, Mix & Master Engineer, Label Owner & Playlist Curator


Playlist Submission

The Lofi Work Mode is based on a more energetic type of Lofi, beats to get you in a work mode without losing your cool. This is our main playlist with over 1400 followers and a lot of active listeners.

The Relax Lofi is based on the more easy listening Lofi when you need to unwind & cool down.

The Lofi Creative Mode is based on inspirational tunes to get your creative juices flowing.

Mixing & Mastering services

When you want your music professionally mixed and mastered you can always reach out to us to see how we can help. 

We have been mixing & mastering all kind of genres for more then 10 years now and still walk the extra mile to get the best out of every project. Feel free to get in touch to hear our thoughts about your project.

No Cure, No Pay. Music is very subjective and if it’s not as you envisioned it to be then we don’t charge. 

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